Study Finds Link Between Excess Fat In Childhood And High Blood Pressure

Some parents may be unaware of the health issues that may develop in kids when the youngsters are allowed to eat fatty foods and sugary drinks whenever they please. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have released a report which suggests that moms and dads may want to begin paying more attention to what their children are consuming.

In a 4.5-year study of more than 1,100 kids with no diagnosed medical issues, the team observed that volunteers who had a body mass index (BMI) in the 85th percentile were three times more likely to develop high blood pressure.

A total of 14 percent of kids who fell into the overweight or obese categories were hypertensitve or prehypertensive, compared to about 5 percent of children of normal weight.

“Targeted interventions are needed for these children. Even small decreases in BMI could yield major health benefits,” said lead author Wanzhu Tu, Ph.D.

The researchers noted that abnormal blood pressure appeared to correlate with high levels of a hormone called leptin, which is found in fat tissue.

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