Most People Don’t Know Poor Diet Is Linked To Cancer

In a survey of 279 cancer patients, a team of scientists found that individuals lack awareness of the fact that poor diet and obesity play a huge role in the development of cancer. Additionally, many people still hold antiquated beliefs about the disease, like the theory that injury or surgery can cause it.

Education on health risks is known to be an effective tool in the prevention of a number of diseases. Unfortunately, a new study by researchers at the University of Leicester in the UK reveals that knowledge of how cancer is caused and spreads is severely lacking among the public.

On the positive side, 84 percent reported that they believed smoking causes cancer, and the majority of respondents also said they thought that many types of carcinoma are curable.

“This shows that some messages are getting through, but we clearly have more work to do in educating the public on the effect of diet and obesity,” said researcher Paul Symonds.

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