Get On Track For Health And Fulfillment

Your health and happiness depend on more than your diet and exercise habits. They also derive from a focus on being clear about what you really want in life and pursuing those goals with a passion. This is known as “following your bliss.” It isn’t easy, but is imperative for optimal well-being.

While you might connect the word “passion” with thoughts that are uncomfortably racy, sexual or even immoral to consider, in fact, this term simply refers to your bliss and happiness in life. It also includes the things and people that inspire you and motivate you to action. Your passion is what you must possess to be happy. You need to ask the question: “Am I getting out of life what I came here for?”

The typical person takes an approach to life that emphasizes what should be done and ignores deeper desires. This perspective holds that life has to be lived a certain way, the right way. And though this accepted right way is supposed to be the correct way to happiness, it usually doesn’t produce satisfying results.

Vital Questions

I find many patients are afraid to question whether they are truly happy. They are afraid of doing more with their lives or moving out of their comfort zones. Yet they remain largely uninspired, unfulfilled and unhappy. I ask them: “What do you dream about being, doing or having differently than now?” Aside from a few small goals, the response is almost always: “I have never considered it possible for me to be, do or have what I really wish for.”

This prevalent thinking pattern stems from fear and begins with relatively simple, repetitive thoughts that grow into the beliefs that control your perspective. As a result, your beliefs create what you think is your truth, even if, in reality, it is not true at all.

How many times have you discovered that your beliefs were completely the opposite of the truth? For instance, you may have thought that a friend was thinking negative thoughts about you only to find out later the opposite was the case. Still, your simple thought, correct or not, turned into a belief. Then your belief became the basis of what you thought was true for you. But it was true only because you believed it to be so. Then all your actions grew out of this belief, irrespective of whether the belief was correct!

The same basic process occurs in relationship to what you think you can or cannot achieve or experience in life.

Powerful Thoughts

Over time, your thoughts, when you entertain them for a prolonged period, crystallize into beliefs and your accepted truth. These thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy because of the simple law of attraction: That which is like unto itself draws similar objects to itself. So, the more attention you give to any subject, the more active the vibration of that subject is within you, until eventually it totally shapes your experience. That’s why you have to be cautious about your thoughts. You get in your life what you think about whether you really want it or not. Chronically thinking about unwanted things invites unwanted experiences.

The most extreme example of this kind of self-fulfilling thought takes place in religiously motivated suicide bombers. Call them crazy, but for these people, meeting death in that manner represents truth and even God’s will. They believe it strongly enough to give their lives.

Errant Beliefs

Are there any errant beliefs in your life? Many of you have chosen your paths in life because you were told they were the right paths, the good paths or the paths others expected you to take. This strong sense of right and wrong is often a very strong barrier to happiness. This is not bad, but there is a higher truth called freedom. Unless your beliefs about what is right and wrong are in alignment with the true and authentic desires of your spirit, you will discover frustration and great limitation in your happiness.

I mentioned earlier that your rules of right and wrong may, in fact, be the root cause for your unhappiness. Overly strict religious or social rules often lead to depression and despondency. They do not allow feelings of freedom, and those feelings are things your spirit knows and loves most. When you feel restricted for too long, your spirit naturally longs for freedom.

It can’t be emphasized enough: It is time to consider what you really want to change in your life. Career moves? Changes in your relationships? Improvements in your physical fitness? A different sex life? Shifts in your religious orientation (resulting in more peace and spirituality)? If you are like me, just contemplating a truly desirable change is exciting, uplifting and energizing.

My purpose is to remind you that the real truth that should guide your life is your emotional guidance system. Your feelings will be aligned satisfactorily when you are on your path of bliss. Conversely, you’ll feel miserable or vaguely unhappy when your thoughts stray off track from what you really want.

I suggest you take notice how particular thoughts make you feel. Then follow the thoughts that make you feel happy, not the thoughts that ruin your mood. Consider how a fearful thought makes your body react with uncomfortable feelings. That discomfort is the sign of an errant thought.

A mundane example: If you think “I am going to miss my flight and ruin my day,” you experience a sick feeling, which is your body’s way of signaling you are off track from reality. In truth, you will probably discover that your plane is delayed, or there may be another blessing hidden in the fact that you missed a flight.

If you can immediately think about the potential good news in this type of situation, your body reaction stops and good feelings resume. This type of shift in attitude may be problematic when you first try it. But you can train yourself to recognize your internal emotional guidance system so you can be in alignment with heavenly feelings.

Recognize that your angels are not worried about the world, because they know it is all perfect. You, too, can tap into this sense of well-being just by aligning your thoughts with the reassuring sensations of your emotional guidance system.

Give something new a try! You will learn more about yourself and what makes you happy.

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