Menopause Means You Need More Vitamin D

Researchers at the Carlos III Institute of Health in Spain report that women reaching menopause should increase their vitamin D intake. In a study, a team of scientists discovered that menopausal women tend to be deficient in the essential nutrient.

When examining the health data of more than 3,500 women aged 45 to 68, authors of the study found that 29 percent were obese, 42 percent were overweight and all participants were eating too many carbohydrates. While rates of nutrient deficiency were low overall, on average the large majority were deficient in vitamin D. Researchers reported that the median consumption of the nutrient was about 39 percent of the daily recommended value.

Study authors recommended dietary changes at the first signs of menopause in order to maintain a healthy weight and adequate nutrient levels.

“Biological and physiological changes in women caused by the menopause come with a greater risk of developing health problems in which diet plays an important role. These include diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer,” wrote the researchers.

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1 Response to Menopause Means You Need More Vitamin D

  1. Any word on dosages? I looked for the study and couldn’t find dosages, but it looked from another study that the Spanish are using higher base values than we do in the U.S.

    I also found a study on hyperparathyroidism in the elderly as a result of low vitamin D, which I found as an independent factor in cardiovascular illness. I think it was that, not the calcium supplementation, that led to the WHI report of heart risk from calcium supplements.

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