Strawberries May Protect The Stomach From Alcohol Damage

Researchers at the University of Barcelona conducted a study on mice, which showed that strawberries may reduce the negative effects on the stomach induced by drinking alcohol, as well as other gastrointestinal problems.

A team of scientists fed a group of mice strawberry extract 10 days before administering ethyl alcohol. They found that compounds in the fruit helped protect against the damage alcoholic beverages typically have on mucous membranes in the stomach.

Authors of the study noted that their findings may have significance for individuals with gastritis or inflammation stemming from alcohol intake, an infection or consumption of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as aspirin.

Researchers said it is likely that a number of compounds present in the fruit act in conjunction with each other to protect the mucous membranes.

“The positive effects of strawberries are not only linked to their antioxidant capacity and high content of phenolic compounds (anthocyans) but also to the fact that they activate the antioxidant defenses and enzymes of the body,” said study co-author Sara Tulipani.

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