Supplement That Shields The Heart From Stress

supplement-that-shields-the-heart-from-stress_300Mental stress is linked to heart problems. When traffic jams, workplace pressures and troubled emotions start to drive you up the cardiovascular wall, your body responds in ways that can harm your arteries and heart. But researchers at Michigan Technological University have found a nutrient that may limit this potential damage and ease your way past the stress.

In a study of more than 60 people, the scientists found that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil offset the detriment of mental stress on the heart. The people in their study taking fish oil capsules enjoyed lower heart rates and decreased muscle sympathetic nerve activity when they felt pressured.

The researchers believe that these results may explain how fish oil benefits the cardiovascular system.

They conclude: “Overall, the data support and extend the growing evidence that fish oil may have positive health benefits regarding neural cardiovascular control in humans and suggest important physiological interactions between fish oil and psychological stress that may contribute to disease etiology.”

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